Yahoo Mail Not Sending Or Receiving Emails- How to Fix?

A billion users across the globe use Yahoo to send receive and manage emails. Yahoo is one of those platforms that is used by every third individual. It is a safe and secure method to share personal as well as professional details. However, many users encounter Yahoo mail not receiving emails issue. So for all of them, we have here described the method to resolve the issue. If any user trapped in Yahoo mail not sending or receiving emails, then they don’t have to worry.

To fix the Yahoo mail not receiving emails, all users recommended to follow the measures mentioned below to overcome the problem. Furthermore, without wasting much time, collect the details penned below and apply the instructions same to get out of the trouble.

yahoo mail not receiving emails

Reasons for Why Yahoo Mail Not Sending or Receiving Emails

Below are the reasons that are responsible for Yahoo mail not sending. 

  • Improper Internet connection
  • Incorrect server settings
  • Configuration issue also results in Yahoo mail not sending issue
  • If the storage gets full, then even the Yahoo mail not receiving emails issue arises
  • Due to the IMAP/SMTP Settings problems, the Yahoo mail not sending issue takes place.

All of these were the reasons due to which the Yahoo mail not receiving emails or Yahoo mail not sending error arises. Thus, after reading the reasons, proceed further and check the steps to resolve the Yahoo mail issue.

How to fix Yahoo mail not receiving emails?

The users who are not able to receive emails. Then they all recommended to carefully read the steps provided below to fix the Yahoo mail not receiving emails.

  1. Ensure that there is enough space to receive emails if there is no space for storage, and then the user can’t receive any emails.
  2. Also, check the spam or trash folder because it happens that the emails go to these folders without any notification.
  3. For all outgoing mail server, check for the server settings and make sure to update the settings to the latest settings.

How to fix Yahoo Mail not sending Emails?

If at the time of sending emails, any user faces Yahoo mail not sending, then they all should not worry. Because below we have entitled the easy and less time-consuming steps to resolve the Yahoo Mail not sending Emails.

  • Due to the slow internet speed, the Yahoo email not sending error occurs.
  • Then, make sure that the email address of the sender entered is correct.
  • When a user tries to attach a file, then they all recommended ensuring that size is of the prescribed limit.
  • Sometimes, it happens that the Yahoo Mail not sending error arises when the send email is beyond the daily limit prescribed by Yahoo. So, all users suggested ensuring that they should not cross the daily sending limit.

Avail of Help from Yahoo Customer Service Team

Thus, we hope that the instructions described above were helpful to resolve the Yahoo Mail Not Sending Or Receiving Emails issue. Users may also avail of online help from professional at Yahoo mail customer service number. If you all satisfied with the steps provided above. Then do share this post with those who are looking for the solution to fix the same email issue.

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