What Are The Process Of Adding AT&T Email Setup In An iPhone?

In the last blog, we already provided you with the information on AT&T Email Setup. Thus, today here, we are going to discuss the process regarding AT&T set up with an iPhone. But, before pursuing to that, let’s first know something about AT&T webmail. Well! AT&T recently deal with Yahoo to take over all its email administration. The industry gradually shifted users with AT&T email addresses those ended in att.net and legacy baby bell addresses. Some example for that is such as bellsouth.net and of course sbcglobal.net, to the new AT&T Yahoo Webmail system. The migration was finish in 2013 in July.

Now, in the below section, we penned down the steps for doing the AT&T email setup on your iPhone is unaffected. Once you provide your email address and electronic mail password, the iPhone takes care of setting up the account for you. But those who still confused regarding how to do email setup of AT&T read the next section. Then after that, we will discuss the process for adding AT&T email to an iPhone.

Process For Setting Up AT&T Email 

Choose your email in your AT&T setup account and then select Change. Enter and, confirm the following IMAP or POP settings then, follow the steps penned below:

  1. Go to currently.com and select Sign-In.
  2. Choose to Create AT&T Account.
  3. Enter your wireless number and ZIP Code.
  4. Enter the code and select Continue.
  5. Complete the information to create new AT&T email address and password of yours.
  6. Enter your profile info and security questions and answers.

By doing these above steps, your AT&T email will set up smoothly. Now, read the next section, by which you came to know what should you do for AT&T setup in an iPhone.

Steps For Adding AT&T Email Setup To An iPhone

  1. First, for doing AT&T setup open the iPhone settings from the home screen by touching the Settings icon. Then, tab to Mail, Calendars, Contacts, and later “Add Account” to add your AT&T Webmail account.
  1. Select the “Yahoo” button. By typing your name, AT&T email setup address, email password and a description like AT&T Webmail. You need to select the option of Save when you did and tab the Home button to return to the main iPhone screen.
  1. Swipe the home screens left or right until you locate the Mail icon — Press Mail to launch the email application on your iPhone, which now contains your emails AT&T.

AT&T Email Setup

These are the steps for doing AT&T email setup in an iPhone so, by using them, you can easily do email set up of AT&T in your iPhone. Still, if you have any question query of AT&T then, do ask us as we are happy to help you.

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