Webroot, a subsidiary of OpenText, was the first to use the cloud and artificial intelligence to detect and eliminate zero-day threats in real-time. Webroot protects businesses and individuals around the world with threat intelligence and endpoint and network protection. They are the market leader in cyber resilience, providing total endpoint protection and disaster recovery to businesses of all sizes. The global leader in Enterprise Information Management acquired Webroot and its parent company Carbonite in 2019.


Features provided

Webroot is deeply committed to safeguarding businesses and consumers against cyber threats. We are constantly anticipating how to extend the value of our threat identification, prediction, and remediation to the connected world as we combat today’s most complex cyber security challenges.


What is the purpose of anti-virus software?

The purpose of virus protection software is to scan for, detect, and defend against any program that has the potential to harm a device or a user. Many anti-virus solutions accomplish this by scanning the device for code snippets that match a list of “known-bad” examples. Some solutions keep this list on the device and update it regularly, whereas others consult the cloud. Viruses are a type of malware, a much broader term that encompasses a wide range of threats. So, while this type of computer security software is more accurately known as an antimalware
the solution, the final goal remains the same: to protect computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other digital devices from malicious code.


Anti-viruses accomplish this by:

  • Regularly scanning for malicious files, apps, scripts, or other data objects.
  • Detecting and removing potentially malicious data objects.
  • Prevent ransomware from encrypting the files of the device’s owner.

Options provided

  • Antivirus PC / Mac Scans that are lightning-fast and without interruption Safeguard yourself against identity theft. There will be no time-consuming updates.
  • Internet Security Plus PC, Mac, Tablets, or Smartphones* Includes all Anti-Virus features. It protects your smartphones and tablets. Safeguards your logins and passwords
  • Complete Internet Security for PCs, Macs, Tablets, and Smartphones* +25GB Storage Benefits of Internet Security Plus Removes all traces of online activity Secure online storage of 25GB

Common customer issues

Webroot Secure Anywhere is designed to work with most of the software on your computer, but conflicts can occur. This, however, is extremely rare. Other software may report a problem with your anti-virus or firewall, even if this is not the case. This was discovered to be the most frequently mentioned issue by users. If you believe Webroot is interfering with the operation of a third-party application or your system, it is not working as intended. In such cases, Webroot advises you to restart the software or inspect the components. If neither option works, they
suggest you contact customer service.



1. What exactly is malware?
Malware is a software program that is intended to infiltrate or damage a computer system without the owner’s knowledge.

2. How do I get rid of malware?
To begin, use a malware detection scan program to determine whether you are infected. Second, you can attempt to remove the malware manually. Finally, select a malware protection solution.

3. What exactly is adware?
Adware is any software program that can display advertisements on your computer.

4. What exactly is credit card fraud?
When credit card fraud occurs, a merchant is duped into releasing merchandise or providing services on the false assumption that a credit card account will pay for the goods or services.

5. What exactly are pop-ups?
Pop-ups are a type of online advertising that is used to increase Web traffic or collect email addresses.

6. Why is my computer so slow?
Slow performance of critical computer programs is typically caused by spyware infection, which consumes a significant amount of computer memory, leaving limited resources for other legitimate programs to use.

7. What exactly is phishing?
Phishing is a type of online con game that tech-savvy con artists and identity thieves play.