Virus Issue, Redirecting Website And Unable to Access the Right Website

Virus issue, Redirecting website and unable to access the right website.

  • Action: Create a System Restore point.

  • Action: Delete the temp, %temp%, prefetch files.

  • Action: Optimize the Internet Explorer and Google Chrome browsers.

  • Action: Do the disk clean-up.

  • Action: Uninstalled the confliction software.
  • Action: Disable the unwanted startup and services from MSConfig.

  • Action: Check antivirus software.
  • Action: Install and run cleanup software.
  • Action: Scan the computer using an Adware cleaner.

  • Action: Restart the computer.
  • Action: Install and activate firewall protection software.
  • Action: Check Internet Explorer and Google Chrome browsers.

check your computer. working fine.

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