The behavior observed when Garmin Express does not work correctly or shows an error on Windows Computer:

When you install the Garmin Express application on your system, the “Garmin Connect” button will display on your dashboard. Sometimes when you click the button, the computer shows a default in connecting to the server.

  • The pop-up window opens, indicating a message: Garmin Express has stopped working

  • On your screen, an error message appears: To close the Garmin Express because of an unexpected error.
  • Suddenly, the Garmin Express disappears.
  • There is no Garmin Express window on the screen, showing that it has failed to start.

What will the error message display on the computer?

Your computer system may have an internet connection problem or in settings if it displays the following message-

  • We cannot add the device because our servers are not available at the moment.
  • “There is a problem connecting with our servers.” When this message pops up, it does not meet the customer agreement when moving to a newer device.

How to resolve the error that pop-up on your Windows Computer?

  • Make sure that your device has the latest version of Garmin Express.

  • Make sure your computer system has an active internet connection to run the Garmin Express app. A high-speed internet connection is essential for Garmin Express.

  • Grant the permission to run Garmin Express on your desktop as an administrator

  • Now you can restart your computer.

  • Ensure that you have installed and updated the latest version of Microsoft Windows to run the Garmin Express application

  • See the date and time on your computer is correct as incorrect settings can lead to a communication error between Garmin Server and Garmin Express.

  • Contact .NET Framework Repair Tool if the issue still exists even after updating your system.

  • If possible, disable the VPN.

  • If you receive a message that you can install the Garmin Express app from the Windows store, it means your computer does not allow the installation from


For this, you need to change the settings on your system. Click on settings on the start button; under the heading apps, select Apps & features, click on Installing Apps, then click on Allow Apps Anywhere. Now your computer will install the program from any source.

  • You can reinstall Garmin Express app on your device; this will help you run Garmin Express.

After following the steps mentioned above, you will be able to open the Garmin Express application on your system.

What are Microsoft Versions required by the Garmin app?

  • Garmin Express: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2
  • IN Reach Sync: Microsoft. NET Framework 3.7
  • Garmin VIRB Edit: Microsoft .NET 4.6.1
  • All other applications: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5


You can read the guide mentioned above if you have installed the Garmin Express application on your computer and facing the issues. I hope you like it and it is beneficial to you.

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