JetBlue Airways -one of the biggest low-cost airlines in America

JetBlue Airways is one of the major low-cost American airlines, also the seventh-largest airline in North America on the basis of passengers carried. The headquarter of JetBlue Airways is located in the Long Island City of New York City. It was found in August 1998, 23 years ago under the name of New Air.
Airline Code- B6
Automated Flight Information1-800-JETBLUE
Hearing Impaired Reservations1-800-336-5530
EMail –NA
Get Online Help –Official Website

27-01 Queens Plaza,

North Long Island City,

NY 11101 USA

Frequent Flyer Program-

JetBlue TrueBlue

Airline Alliance-N/A
Service Time –24/7 365
Best Time Call –NA
Calling Department – 



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Latest updates

In January 2020, JetBlue announced its intentions to start becoming carbon neutral on domestic flights. They are also working on making their fights as sustainable as possible. Their goal is to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2040, and the work in progress is already going strong. JetBlue has made changes for the travel of passengers due to the COVID-19 guidelines, one of these include blocking middle seats on the Airbus A320 and A321 aircraft and the aisle seats on the Embraer E190. By August 2020, JetBlue implemented strict policies for the wearing of facial masks, which wouldn’t allow for any exemptions. Entry upon arrival may be denied for customers who don’t comply with the requirements of local mandates and advisories. JetBlue does follow the basic guidelines including healthy crew members, have more space to reduce touchpoints, disinfected air and surfaces. It will also test facial recognition for boarding.


JetBlue offers Main Cabin seating across its fleet. It includes leather seats, free Wi-Fi, Live TV, and complimentary entertainment screens with snacks and non-alcoholic drinks. They have in-depth brand detail provided on their website. Mint is a service provided by JetBlue for the business class, it constitutes 16 flat-bed Mint seats, a choice of five offerings for meals, and can opt for any of the three, amenity kits by Hayward & Hopper, sliding panel doors for more privacy. For entertainment purposes, JetBlue provides over 100 channels and a 15-inch interactive video screen. JetBlue also provides a frequent-flyer program called TrueBlue. Under this program the members receive points for various purchases for the flight, for example, three points for every dollar spend while booking a flight plus additional three dollars for the flights booked online from their website. That’s not it, you get additional points for using Barclay’s JetBlue Mastercard credit card to book the flight. In 2013, JetBlue announced that TrueBlue points will never expire for any reason. JetBlue also provides their customers paisley by JetBlue which is basically traveling made fun and easy, with your flight bookings you can also book hotels, car rentals, and other activities easy on the go. It is a very effective way to access your trip plans in one place, effortlessly accessible.

In Action Programs

In 2019, JetBlue was named the #1 Best Employer for Diversity in transportation by Forbes magazine. They are on the journey of becoming more representable, courageous, and inclusive. Blue Aviation celebrates the history and heritage of Asians, Asian Americans, and Pacific Islanders. BlueConexion shares the Latino culture and language in the workplace. JADE explores the rich cultures of the African diaspora. JetPride offers professional development opportunities for the LGBTQ crewmembers and their allies. Vets in Blue provides a forum for crewmembers that honorably serve or have served in the armed forces. Women in Flight provides members with educational networking opportunities that inspire career and growth. JetBlue Foundation sponsors countless nonprofit organizations doing diversity and inclusion work.

Frequent customer issues and their solutions

JetBlue has secured the first rank in its industry in customer service through company culture and a new breed of technology. They call all their employees crewmembers, as they all work hard to make a flight successful. For all these years JetBlue has relied on their customer service on upgrading technology. One change in customer services is that customers contact the company via digital means rather than the traditional telephone. JetBlue believes that every customer would continue to be treated as a living, breathing human being rather than as a ticket number. A few of the commonly faced issues with the travelers are listed below with their solutions provided by JetBlue.

Baggage issues-

If you’ve lost your baggage or your baggage was damaged, you can either ask a JetBlue crewmember to file or call the Central Baggage Service at the airport at their number. To follow up on the complaint call the main Central Baggage Services office. Remember you can only file a complaint within four hours of landing. You can file a lost and found claim with a JetBlue crew member or on their website. JetBlue will look for your item for 30 days and update you via email, if found the item will be shipped to you and you’ll have to pay for the shipping charges. For damaged bags, the procedure is the same contact either the crewmember or go on the website. Note that the airways aren’t liable for small scratches or normal wear and tear which can be caused as a result of the baggage being overweight or oversized. no one takes responsibility for damage incurred during normal shifting.

Flight Delays-

Sometimes you can’t control the weather or certain situations leading to delayed flights which can be frustrating. You are more likely to receive compensation for the flight delay if it lasts 3 hours or more. You can also get meals and accommodation. The rules differ and you need to check your contract of carriage to be familiar with what to expect.

Flight cancellations-

If your flight gets canceled then lookout for rebooking your flight. JetBlue provides a 4-hour prior service to notify the travelers about the flight updates. You will receive real-time email alerts plus you can check the status of your flight on the online flight tracker or the JetBlue app. JetBlue also provides a decent amount of compensation from $50 to $200 depending on the length of the delay.