Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines:

Company Name –Japan Airlines
Airline Code- JL
International Toll-Free Reservations0120-25-5931
JAL Mileage Bank0120-747-039
EMail –NA
Get Online Help –Official Website

Nomura Real Estate Bldg.,

2-4-11 Higashi-Shinagawa,

Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

Frequent Flyer Program-

JAL Mileage Bank

Lounge-JAL Lounge
Airline Alliance-oneworld
Service Time –24/7 365
Best Time Call –NA
Calling Department – 



On August 1, 1951, around 70 years ago, Japan Airlines Co. Ltd. was found. It commenced its operations on October 25, 1951. Japan Airlines, also known as JAL or Nikko, is an international airline headquartered in Shinagawa, Tokyo. JAL is in alliance with Oneworld, an airline alliance with 14 members. JAL has a fleet size of 156, providing services to 220 destinations in 35 countries worldwide. Within two years of establishment, JAL became the national airline of Japan in 1953. In 2009, JAL faced high financial losses and went bankrupt. Under the Corporate Rehabilitation Law, JAL received 300-billion-yen cash, and debts of 730 billion yen were waived. All of this led to several changes in the workforce and price rates. Post-bankruptcy, JAL formed several partnerships within the Oneworld Alliance.

Contact Japan Airways:

Company Name –      Japan Airline(JAL)

Phone No –                    NA

Alternate No –              NA

EMail –                            NA

Address –                        NA

Service Time –                24/7 365

Best Time Call –             NA

Calling Department –  NA

Recent Updates in Japan Airlines

Following the latest COVID-19 updates, JAL has teamed up with Allianz Travel to provide cover for quarantine, testing, and medical costs if the customers test positive for COVID-19. Entry restrictions, quarantine measures, and flight updates are updated daily on their website. JAL became the first Japanese airline to receive a Diamond Certification for providing the highest levels of safety measures. JAL has also been certified with 5-Star COVID-19 Airline Safety Rising by Skytrax. On June 18, 2021, Japan Airlines announced that they had conducted the first flight loading of two different types of Sustainable Aviation Fuel produced domestically in Japan. The flight was reportedly directed from Tokyo to Sapporo and used 3,132 liters (9.1% mixing ratio) of SAF sourced from wood chips and microalgae. It was declared as the first flight to use a biofuel derived from gasified wood chips and mix two different biofuels.

Features and Benefits of Japan Airlines

JAL introduced the JAL Suite for First Class and Sky Suite for Business Class cabin with their respective luxurious benefits. For the domestic services, the airline offers First Class, Executive/Business Class, and Economy Class. It also has aircraft cameras which provide ‘Pilot Vision’ to the passengers. JAL provides Magic, its in-flight entertainment system, with the latest hit movies, videos, games, and audio programs. The airline has worked with high-profile chefs in creating their delicious menu, which serves Western and Japanese meals on the intercontinental routes; in 2016, they launched a children’s menu. The Fly on the program is the frequent flyer service program for regular travelers; the JAL Global Club is dedicated to JAL Group’s most experienced and valuable travelers. They provide special assistance for mobility and wheelchair, vision, hearing or speech, injury, food allergies, traveling babies, expectant mothers, children traveling alone, elderly customers. The legroom is spacious even in the economy; a 6 ft person can quickly fly without discomfort. Bathrooms are pristine even at the tail end of the flight.


JAL strives to address social issues. JAL Group addresses 22 actionable issues across four critical areas related to the environment, social, and corporate governance. JAL has taken action in three phases to date; in 2017, it established a basic policy on sustainability and a promotion system. In 2018, it defined the relationship between business and SDGs, promoted employee understanding and penetration in the JAL Group. On their website, they have shared complete slides of their priority areas and issues, and critical initiatives. In 2019, it defined social development priorities and reflected them in our business strategies. SDGs are 17 concrete goals adopted at the United National Sustainable Society Summit. Each plan is inseparable, overlapping economic, social, and environmental fields. Over 150 heads of member states pledged under an oath that no one would be left behind. JAL Group is solving social issues through their business to achieve the SDGs and realize a sustainable society. The 17 goals are listed on the website with their action taken. Customer issues with Japan Airlines A few of the customer issues that travelers on Japan airways commonly face are addressed below:
WEB CHECK-IN service is available only within 24 hours before departure and specific departure airport. If the travelers look for web check-in before 24 hours’ time span, they won’t be able to access it. While changing your booking, you might need to pay for the change fee, service fee, and tax difference for your new booking. You can cancel or change your flight online; a refund will depend on the term and conditions. You can also book your seat for an upcoming international flight from the website, and certain fares are ineligible for seat pre-assignment. JAL’s carry-on baggage restrictions and allowance are listed on the website with the weight and height for you to check out. You can bring your pets on the flight after their check-up from the veterinarians that work with JAL. You can bring cremated remains on board in a sturdy container to prevent them from falling over. Avoid using metal containers in the United States as they cannot go through x-ray screening. Japan Airways also provides bassinets for infants, but you need to book them in advance. The name on the ticket can’t be changed and transferred to a third party. In case of mis-spelling, typing mistake changes will be considered with a copy of the identification documents.

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