Fix : Google account not syncing with outlook.

Reasons for the Google account not syncing with outlook

  • The Internet is not connected.
  • Incorrect email address/password.
  • IMAP/POP or SMTP settings are not correct.
  • Email applications are not updated or not working.

The following methods can be used to fix the email issue.

  • Mainly, email does not sync due to incorrect email address/password, internet or server settings. So we will go ahead and fix it.
  • login to my Gmail account to see if the email id and password are correct.
  • Check if IMAP/POP is enabled on the Gmail website.
  • Check the outlook if it opens perfectly.
  • Check by reconfiguring your Gmail account in Outlook.
  • Outlook gives errors while sending and receiving. As it was configured with IMAP, So reconfigure it.

  • Check if forwarding and pop/IMAP are enabled in Gmail Webmail. To do that, open Gmail and click Settings > Forwarding and Pop/Imap.

  • If Imap is not enabled, check the box for enabling imap and click Save. Then will go for reconfiguration of Account in outlook.

  • Press Windows+R and type “outlook”. Then click “OK” to open MS Outlook. In Outlook, go to Info > Add Account.

  • Type in your Gmail email address and click on Connect.

  • Type your email and password.

  • Click on Allow.

  • Now your Inbox is here. Try to send a test email to yourself.

  • Now MS Outlook is configured and ready to use.


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