How to fix Yahoo Mail Error Code 999 By Your Own?

Yahoo Mail has a fantastic service for email communication. It does not just allow to send and receive emails, but, it is also a personal schedule organizer, search engine, and messenger of chat too. Meanwhile, sometimes when users try to access their Yahoo Mail service, it reflects Yahoo Error 999 and 19. 

Now, the first question that arises in the mind of the user’s is what does error 999 mean on Yahoo. This kind of temporary error arrives because of some technical failures or because of some reason of security. This error 999 Yahoo indicate Yahoo mail account temporarily locked to access. 

Yahoo Error Code 999
Yahoo Error Code 999

This such normal errors automatically get fixed within 30 minutes, and users do not need to worried about them. In this condition, one should avoid trying to unlock the account because this will lock your account of Yahoo for a long time of period. Mainly two reasons behind why Yahoo shows this error which mentioned below;

  1. To stops the attacks of DoS (Denial of Service). 
  2. To prevent the automated tasks from hammering the servers with several of requests a second. 

So, in this problem-tackling blog, we are going to tell you some easy method to fix Yahoo 999 error code quickly. All of you need to do is follow the guidelines. Which are mentioned below in sequence and carefully use them to solve this error problem.

Reasons Behind Yahoo Error Code 999

The user’s problem on How to Fix Yahoo Mail error code 999 & 19‘ occurs due to some following reasons:

  1. The user is sharing a shared internet connection with others.
  2. The browser is not capable of accepting the cookies from Yahoo Mail.
  3. Spyware or virus of your computer, which changes the setting of the system.
  4. To access Yahoo mail via using a third-party application or program to. 
  5. Temporary error 999 and 19.
  6. Receiving or sending a high amount of email messages suddenly. 
  7. High traffic/activity from your computer/IP address to some specific Yahoo pages.

Steps To Fix Yahoo Mail Error 999

  1. Firstly, if you are using ‘Dial-up-modem’ which disconnect from the Internet for a short-term, then re-connect it. 
  2. Try to turn off a working proxy server then, later turn it on.
  3. Sometimes, your device does not support the account of Yahoo mail so, in this situation, we advise you to examine the different device. 
  4. To solve this issue, you can also sign in to Yahoo by the switching to the server of different country’s.

Now, surely you all will be able to fix Yahoo 999 error code by reading this post completely. If you are not able to fix it then, you can take the advice of technical experts at Yahoo Customer Service.

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