How to Factory Reset a Windows 10 Laptop

Almost every computer encounters performance issues at some point. Luckily, there are ways that you can resolve them without needing an expert. One of these ways is doing a factory reset on your computer so you can eliminate any malware, increase its speed, or make it ready for a new user.

First, you need to know your operating system and the steps needed to reset your laptop.

Windows 10 has made operating a factory reset a bit distinctive from the earlier versions of the Microsoft OS. It is much easier to do and gives a more straightforward process for resetting for the first time. For earlier variants of Windows, it can be slightly more complex and require system backups.

Before you reset

Before you reset

  • Whichever operating system you use, it’s suggested that you first back up your system.
  • You can even program regular backups, so you don’t have to worry about losing valuable data if problems are loading your OS. Ensure that these backups are kept to a location other than your hard drives, such as pen drive or cloud storage, just in case something goes wrong or your hard drive crashes.

Note: Plugin your laptop into a power source.

The following methods can be used to reset an laptop with Windows 10.

There are two ways to obtain the reset option:

1. Click on the Start menu and choose the “Settings” option.

The following methods can be used for reset an HP laptop with Windows 10.

2. In the search bar type “reset.” From there, choose the “Reset this PC” option once the results have risen up.

In the search bar type “reset.”


  1. Click on the Start menu.
  2. Choose “Settings.”
  3. Then choose “Update and Security.”
  4. From there, select “Recovery” from it.
  5. There will be three options :
    • First, “Reset this PC.”
    • Second “Go Back to an Earlier Build.”
    • Third “Advanced.“

Note: For Many users, “Reset this PC” should be enough to solve the issues on your computer. An “Advanced” startup implies that you will be rebooting your machine from a backup that exists on a disc or USB drive. Only those with a specific reason to use “Go to an Earlier Build” should select this choice.


6.  Click on the “Get started” option under “Reset this PC.”

Get started

7. From there, you can choose to keep your personal files on your computer or if you want a clean format.

8. Choose either “Keep my files” or “Remove everything”.

Keep my files

9. If you choose “Remove everything,” that will delete all your personal files as well.

10. if you are not planning to keep the device, choose “Remove files and clean the drive.”

11Otherwise, you can click on “Just remove my files.”

Just remove my files

You may receive a notification from Windows asking you whether you want to go back to an earlier version of your operating system. Click “Next,” and after this, your computer will be set to reset, which you can begin by choosing the “Reset” option.

  • On the Ready to reset this PC screen, click “Reset.”

reset this PC screen

It can take a few minutes for your laptop to complete this process. Once it is done, your screen should display an option to continue and you can use your device like it is brand new.


Now The computer will be up and running.


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