How To Change Your AT&T WIFI Password?

How you will be able to use your access network by using the AT&T WiFi Password. If your computer is connected through the WIFI. If you are using AT&T for your Internet service then, probably you can use your AT&T router/modem as your hardware connection point for the service. This modem connects all of the devices of your home, which you want to hook up with the Internet of your computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and other connected devices. 

How you can Make these Changes to your AT&T Equipment?

Even if the technician of AT&T installation presumably left all your equipment correctly set up and configured, complete with the password of default then, you have to change that password by selecting your password, or you can make other changes related to security. This section shows you how you can make these changes to your AT&T equipment and increase the security of your WIFI network. Also, it shows you how to adjust some other important settings on your AT&T router. 

AT&T 2Wire Gateway

The SSID (service set identifier) is the networking name of your service. On an AT&T 2Wire Gateway, the default of SSID is one of the most common routers/ modem, typically the ‘2WIRE’ plus is the last three digits of the router’s serial number. All the customers know this and each modem has a different serial number, even it doesn’t take a genius to try the different number of combinations to access it. In case if you are living in a busy apartment complex or somewhere with lots of AT&T customers then, this doesn’t help the network to the identification.

Now, let’s talk about the changing process of your AT&T WiFi Password. In the modem, changing password is usually the first thing you want to do once your service is connected. And isn’t just an AT&T thing you can change your password whenever you get a new provider of Internet service. The process is given below;

  1. Firstly, look at the sticker on the side of the IP address for the modem configuration and Device Access Code. The IP address can be anything which you can see only there. 
  2. After that, if your network is not connected with your computer then connect your computer to the network.
  3. Now, into the browser enter the IP address and also, enter access code of the device when it’s prompted.
  4. Then, select WIFI and LAN.
  5. After that select user browser network and change the WIFI Password from where it indicated.
  6. At the right bottom of the page, select the option of saving.

That’s, If your computer is connected through the WIFI, you may be kicked off the network and have to log in again. 

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