Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian airlines

Company Name –Hawaiian Airlines
Airline Code- HA
American Samoa+1 684 699 1875
Australia+61 1 300 661 339
China+86 10 6502 6766
France+33 1 53 89 77 71
Germany+49 0900 5107450
Indonesia+62 21 3483 1707
Japan+81 0570 018 011
Korea+82 02 775 5552
New Zealand+64 09 977 2227
Philippines+63 02 518 5933
Singapore+65 6223 8377
Tahiti+689 40 866 000
Thailand+66 02 231 6481
United Kingdom+44 0207 644 8848
United States+1 800 367 5320
Vietnam – Hanoi+84 024 39 330 828
Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh City+84 028 39 330 828
EMail –NA
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Hawaii, United States

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Airline Alliance-Hana Hou
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Service Time –24/7 365
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On January 30, 1929, Hawaiian Airlines was found and commenced its operations on October 6, 1929. Office in Honolulu, Hawaii, US. The parent company of Hawaiian Airlines, Inc. is Hawaiian Holdings, Inc. It operates the most significant number of commercial flights to and from the US state of Hawaii. It is ranked as the tenth-largest commercial airline in the US. It is recorded as the oldest US carrier that has never had a fatal accident or a frame loss throughout its history. It even secures its rank on the top a few times on the on-time carrier list, as well as the fewest cancellations and baggage handling issues. The airlines went bankrupt twice, once in 1993 and again in 2003. In the 1990s, the airlines were financially struggling due to heavy losses, which led them to file for bankruptcy protection in September 1993. For the second time, Hawaiian Airlines filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in March 2003. Post-Bankruptcy, the airlines began nonstop flights from several cities, they expanded their services and destinations, leading to their further expansion. Hawaiian Airlines have codeshare agreements with 11 airlines, including Japan Airlines, JetBlue, and American Airlines. They also have an interline agreement with South African Airways.

Recent Updates In Hawaiian Airlines

The United States has eased restrictions in many states and cities, making it your responsibility to check the entry requirements before booking the tickets. Hawaiian Airlines has guides to most American cities. The Airlines themselves don’t provide any particular guidelines that are mandatory to follow; however, they ask the passengers to follow the guidelines given by the government. Covid-19 test results are a must with face masks.

Features and Benefits of Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines upgraded the economy class seats with seating space upgrades and improved soft-product offerings for passengers on international routes. They also installed 180-degree lie-flat seats in a 2-2-2 configuration in the business class. Their aircraft are equipped with on-demand units built into every seatback. The airlines do not provide Meals on short-length flights, mainly on the interisland, which lasts 30 to 45 minutes. They are one of the only major U.S. airlines to offer complimentary meals in its economy class. They are constantly testing out ways of providing their customers with the best meals plan possible. From introducing the tasting menu to upgrades in the complimentary meals to breathing their catering brand called Pau Hana Café, they’ve been doing it all. The frequent-flyer program of Hawaiian Airlines is HawaiinMiles, commenced in 1983. The program allows members to redeem tickets, upgrade service classes, get free or discounted car rentals, hotel rooms, merchandise, or other products and services. They also have frequent-flyer partnerships with few other airlines, permitting the HawaiianMiles members to earn credit for flying partner airlines.

Frequent Customer issues

  • If your flight gets delayed, you can check the flight status on the website; Hawaiian Airlines will keep the site updated with all flight details. If the flight is delayed for a long time which may affect your travel, then you can contact their customer service for further assistance,
  • In case of seat up-gradation, you can opt from three ways, you may pay extra money to upgrade to business class, or you can also use the Hawaiian Airline’s miles, or you can bid for seat upgrades as there’s mostly a seat available.
  • Tickets are both refundable and non-refundable types. The refundable tickets are relatively expensive than the non-refundable ones for obvious reasons; if you aren’t sure about the flight, the airline recommends you get the refundable ticket. But usually, changing tickets or canceling requires a certain fee. Therefore, it’s better to reroute your flight, change the time or date as it requires a small fee.
  • Passengers can file a complaint about the damage of baggage within 4 hours of arrival of the flight by reaching out to the Hawaiian Airlines desk. In case of a lost cause, you can write a mail within 30 days of the flight date. Any legal action can be taken over the lost or damaged baggage within one year of the flight date. The airline’s liability for baggage damage is up to $3,500, terms and conditions applied.
  • You get a refund for an inflight change from Hawaiian Airlines. If you paid for an extra comfort seat and moved to an economy class seat, you will be refunded for the additional comfort seat fee. Similarly, suppose you paid for business class but got downgraded for some reason. In that case, the difference between your payable fee for the economy seat and what you paid for business class will be refunded.
  • If you are sure you were overcharged, you can call or email the airline. They will reach out to you within 48 hours, and you will get your valid refund.
  • You can earn Frequent Flyer Miles by creating your account on the Hawaiian Airlines website, then every time you complete a booked ticket, you will receive points calculated through your miles traveled. The more trips you meet, the more rewards and discounts you receive.
  • You can redeem your frequent flyer Miles by logging onto your account and then clicking on “Book Award Travel.” Make sure you check the total available frequent flyer miles to know if it fits well with your next flight, and then you can proceed to book your upcoming flight ticket.
  • You can claim compensation if you get bumped off of your flight. Hawaiian Airlines requires all requests for settlement to be made in writing. You must include the copies of tickets, boarding pass stubs, dates, and the reason you were bumped off.