El AL Israel Airlines

El AL Israel Airlines

Company Name –El AL Israel Airlines
Airline Code- LY
Reservations (from IL)+972-3-9771111
Reservations (from US)212-852-0600
Reservations (from GB)44-20-7304-9900
Reservations (from US)-44 (207) 121-1400
EMail –NA
Get Online Help –Official Website

David Brodet, Chairman Avigal Sorek,

CEO Olga Alauof, Eli Rozenberg,

Controlling shareholde

Frequent Flyer Program-

Matmid Club

Lounge-King David Lounge
Airline Alliance-Atmosphere
Service Time –24/7 365
Best Time Call –NA
Calling Department – 




El Al Israel Airlines was found in 1948 and is Ben Gurion Airport, Israel. It is the flag carrier of Israel. The airline serves flights for over 50 destinations. El Al is one of the most secure airlines because of its security procedures, both on the ground and onboard, it is also the only commercial airline to equip its planes with missile defense systems to protect its planes against surface-to-air missiles.it has also updated some planes with missile approach warning systems (MAWS) on more sensitive routes. In 2014, Elbit’s Commercial Multi-Spectral Infrared Countermeasures(C-MUSIC) was adopted by El Al. El Al has been important to Israel during the humanitarian rescuer as it’s Israel’s national airline. El Al has airlifted Jews from other countries to Israel and has set the world record of carrying the most passenger on a commercial aircraft, the plane carried 1,088 passengers on a 747-capacity airline in 1991 from Ethiopia. In 2020 due to the global pandemic, El Al suffered a huge number of losses which resulted
in a private buyer buying a 42.85% stake, leaving the government with an unwanted share of 15%. During the global pandemic 2020, El Al converted some of its aircraft to serve as cargo flights to transport medical goods from China to Europe and also offered some passenger flights to get stranded Israeli citizens’ homes. El Al has a cargo branch called El Al cargo which become independent in 1997. As the national cargo airline of Israel. El Al has Hebrew language voiceovers and Arabic language subtitles in its flight safety videos, which are followed by another video in English. El Al has five subsidiaries as of now- Borenstein Caterers is the production and supply of kosher ready meals to airlines and other institutions, Katie is the subsidiary that manages the production and supply of meals to the company’s employees, Sun d’Or carries out the charter operations of the group and operates as a tourist organizer,
Superstar Holidays is a tourist wholesaler that manages the tourist Package deals to travel agents and passengers, and the last is Tamam which is in the production and supply of kosher-ready meals to airline companies. All the subsidiaries are fully owned by El Al. the airlines had one low-cost airline called UP as its subsidiary for routes that connected
Europe with Israel but in 2018, it ceased all of its operations. El Al has procedures that include individual interviews about a person’s flight and basic identity questions because they believe it can spot signs of nervousness. El Al requires to conduct all luggage searches personally on overseas airports even if they are supervised by the government or any private security firm. Undercover agents carrying firearms sit among the passengers on every international light to ensure in-flight security measures, most El Al pilots are former Israeli Air Force pilots. The airlines have code-share agreements with twenty-one other airlines including, Air China, JetBlue, Iberia, Etihad Airways, and more. El Al has faced backlash and lawsuits for wrongful treatment of female passengers. During the flights, some ultra-orthodox men used to refuse to sit beside an unknown female stating it as religious beliefs due to which the crew members used to ask the female passenger to exchange seats with someone who is willing to change, which raised a lot of issues as it was against the civil rights of the female. Many argued that the female passengers paid for the seat and have the right to not change it for someone else. In 2016, Renee Rabinowitz filed a successful lawsuit after being involved in such an incident where she had to change her seat. Due to this in 2018, the airline decided to remove any passengers who refuse to sit next to a woman instead of forcing the woman to change her seat. El Al’s frequent- flyer program is called Matmid. It has five-tiers: Matmid, Matmid Silver, Matmid Gold, Matmid Platinum and Matmid TOP Platinum. Points can be redeemed for bonus tickets and flights upgrades etc. but they have an expiration date too, the points will only last three years. Also, to join Matmid, you’ll have to pay a one-time fee. El Al has named its lounge, the King David Lounge which is six in total worldwide. The airlines offer four types of classes: First class, Business class, Premium economy class, and Economy class. Personal AVOD screens are installed in the seats of some aircraft, others where there are no personal AVOD screens, they provided iPad and smartphones by an El Al app. Common customer issues In case of flight cancellation due to coronavirus pandemic, El Al offers two options to the passengers, one is to get a credit voucher so you can enjoy any flight for any destination until the credit is fully utilized. The voucher can also be used by any person of interest that you would like to. The second option being to get a full refund and any other product you paid for but you won’t receive any monetary bonus.

  • In case of any baggage-related issue, you can contact their number or contact their service center at the airport.
  • A child up to the age of 24 is considered an infant and are an adult is mandatory to be their escort. The airlines provide special seats and installed bassinet and many more facilities for the comfort of your child.
  • For children over the age of 2 and below 15 are provided with snacks and special care. It is always advised to parents to book their flights early so that they can book seats with their children.
  • They provide a detailed support services list on their website for pregnant women, passengers with special needs, and animals
    because they say they care for you.