China Southern Airlines

China Southern Airlines:

Company Name –China Southern Airlines
Airline Code- CZ
Domestic (from CN)-020-95539
EMail –
Get Online Help –Official Website

68 Qixin Road Baiyun

District Guangzhou,

510403 China

Frequent Flyer Program-


Airline Alliance-SkyTeam
Service Time –24/7 365
Best Time Call –NA
Calling Department – 



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China Southern Airlines Organization Limited is an aircraft settled in Baiyun Region, Guangzhou, Guangdong Area. Set up on 1 July 1988 after the rebuilding of the CAAC Airlines that obtained and blended various homegrown airlines, the carrier became one of China’s “Huge Three” airlines (close by Air China and China Eastern Airlines), the world’s 6th biggest aircraft estimated by travelers conveyed and Asia’s biggest carrier in armada size, income, and travelers conveyed. With its primary centers at Guangzhou Baiyun Global Air terminal and Beijing Daxing Worldwide Air terminal, the aircraft works in excess of 2,000 trips to in excess of 200 objections every day and was an individual from SkyTeam until 1 January 2019. In March 2019, the carrier began a regular customer program association with American Airlines… The logo of the carrier comprises a kapok blossom (which is additionally the city bloom of Guangzhou) on a blue tail fin. The organization’s motto is Fly into your dreams.
The parent organization of China Southern Airlines Organization Limited is China Southern Air Holding Organization, a state-possessed endeavor that was managed
by the State-claimed Resources Oversight and Organization Commission of the State Committee.

Corporate affairs:

China Southern is settled in the China Southern Air Working at 68 Qixin Street in Baiyun Region, Guangzhou, Guangdong Region.
It was already at 278 Jichang (Air terminal) Street in Baiyun Locale.
China Southern had plans to open another base camp office on a 988-section of land (400 ha) site on the edges of Guangzhou, around 4 miles (6.4 km) from Guangzhou Baiyun Worldwide Air terminal. Woods Bagot won a contest for the modeler firm which would plan the office. The proposed site comprises two parcels of land on inverse sides of an expressway prompting Baiyun Air terminal; the two locales are molded like wings. The site will have an extension and light rail framework that works over the thruway to interface the two parcels, which will each have particular capacities. For example, the east bundle will house inward capacities, for example, the server farm offices, staff dorms, and the instructional hub. The aircraft needs it to be tastefully satisfying from the air since it sits under a runway approach. The site will have a ton of open air space, which Woods Bagot planned alongside Hargreaves Partners and Sherwood Configuration Specialists. Jean Weng, a Woods Bagot Beijing-based head, said “Most Chinese urban communities are exceptionally thick and extremely metropolitan, yet China
Southern needs to make a human-scale grounds, that is near nature.” The new central command was opened in August 2016.


China Southern Airlines offers Top notch, Business Class, Premium Economy, and Economy classes. First Class (Top-notch)
China Southern Airlines offers an “Encounter Extravagant Skybed” on Boeing 787-8s. It is furnished with individual security, an in-constructed knead, a 17-inch individual television, and a completely leaning back seat. It additionally has Top the notch on Airbus A330s and Boeing 777-300ERs, which includes a seat pitch of 84 inches and converts into a completely level bed with an individual television.
China Southern Airlines offers Premium Top of the line on select flights, for example, on the Beijing-Guangzhou course. This lodge offers a bigger number of conveniences and is more open than Normal Top of the line, for example, an assortment of lighting alternatives and a private stockpiling bureau with a secret phrase lock.
Business Class
Business Class likewise offers a completely level bed and a movable security divider. It incorporates a USB port and a lamp. It likewise has a 15-inch television.
Economy Class
Economy Class includes a seat and a 9-inch individual television. It additionally has a multi-flexible headrest.
Premium Economy Class
China Southern likewise offers Premium Economy class, which is more extensive than Economy class. In most airplanes, the seats are 35-37 inches (89-94 cm), contrasted with 31 inches (79 cm) in Economy. The Boeing 777-300ERs in any case, are outfitted with fixed-shell premium economy seats like those seen on Air France’s
Boeing 777s.
In 2013, the US Division of Farming (USDA) discovered the aircraft had shipped more than 1,000 monkeys into the US through the courses of action of Air Transport Global, without government consent to do as such, and had moved the animals in uncertain containers. The USDA requested China Southern Airlines to pay $11,600 in fines for infringement of the Creature Government assistance Act (AWA) during the carrier’s vehicle of monkeys to research facilities in the US. Albeit the USDA referred to Air Transport Worldwide for inability to give food and water to the imported creatures, China Southern Airlines was already likewise requested to pay
$14,438 for AWA infringement during one vehicle that left in excess of twelve monkeys dead after they abandoned food and water for a lengthy timeframe. Following these latest infringements, where the conveyed creatures were left dismissed after the appearance in the US, China Southern declared that it would at this point don’t ship research center creatures to the US. PETA had challenged the carrier for these shipments.