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AOL is a New York-based American web portal and online service provider. AOL was formerly known as AOL Inc. and was initially known as America Online. The service can be traced back to an online service called PlayNET. Quantum Link (Q-Link), which went online in November 1985, licensed PlayNET's software. In 1988, IBM released a new PC client, which was later renamed America Online in 1989. AOL became the most popular online service, displacing long-standing competitors such as CompuServe and The Source. AOL had around three million active users by 1995. AOL was one of the internet pioneers in the mid-1990s and America's most recognized brand on the world wide web. It started out as a dial-up service for millions of Americans, then expanded to include a web portal, email, instant messaging, and a web browser after the purchase of Netscape. It purchased the media conglomerate Time Warner, the largest merger in US history in 2001, at the height of its popularity. Following that, AOL rapidly shrank, partly owing to the decline of dial-up and the rise of broadband. Following that, AOL experienced a rapid decline, partly due to the fall of dial-up and the rise of broadband. Tim Armstrong was the new CEO of AOL after it was spun off from Time Warner in 2009. Then the company invested in media brands and advertising technologies under his leadership. Verizon Communications purchased AOL for $4.4 billion on June 23, 2015. On May 3, 2021, Verizon announced that it would sell Yahoo and AOL to Apollo for $5 billion.

Company Name –        AOL Inc.(America Online)

Phone No -                      800-827-6364

Alternate No -                800-827-6364

EMail –                              NA

Get Online Help -           Official Website

Address -                         770 Broadway, New York, NY, 10003

Service Time -                24/7 365

Best Time Call -             NA

Calling Department -  NA

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Features and Benefits of Aol Mail service

  1. Email attachment limit: 25 MB
  2. Max mailbox size: Unlimited
  3. Supported protocols: POP3, SMTP, IMAP
  4. Link to other mail accounts from other service providers (such as Yahoo and Gmail).
  5. Ads: are shown while working with the email account. Embedded links within emails are automatically disabled and can only be activated by the email user.
  6. Virus protection
  7. Spam protection
  8. Spell checking
  9. Supports SSL/HTTPS after login
  10. If an AOL Mail account is not in use for 90 days, it may become blocked. At that point, any emails sent to it may not be received and may be returned to the sender. After 180 days of inactivity, the account can be deleted.

A list of common problems faced by AOL Customers:

The email error 17099 displays an Authentication Required error message, and the message could not be sent due to the error. SMTP is the protocol used to send messages from an email account in general. When the SMTP servers cannot send the desired message to the mail server, the error code 17099 is generated.

Steps to Fix AOL Error 17099: Go to the Outbox folder and check whether there is any pending email in it. If so, clear all those pending emails from Outbox and try sending new emails.

How to Fix AOL Error code 554

The number one and most important reason is due to poor internet connectivity. This error code appears on the screen as a result of slow internet services. Another reason could be that you're attempting to send multiple emails at once. If the server rejects the emails you send or receive and prevents you from using the service, this could be the cause.

Steps to Fix AOL Error 554: you should reboot all the devices using the internet connection in the first step. Next, temporarily disabling the Antivirus application and Windows Firewall is a good and recommended option. Now, log out of the AOL email service. Begin by rebooting the AOL email account. Once you are through with the steps, open the default web browser and search for AOL email login. Enter your credentials and send the emails. The process would verify the smooth functioning of the email service.

How to Fix AOL Error code 130

AOL Error Code 130 is the most common error, which can occur unexpectedly due to a server problem. Once this error appears, it affects the computer system, such as slowing down its performance, hanging, freezing, incompatible with Windows, causing Windows to restart itself abruptly, or possibly causing occasional boot errors, and so on. The majority of users have reported encountering Error Code 130 and being unable to resolve it due to not understanding what is causing the computer issues. Some factors include Bluetooth device incompatibility with the system, low consent to scan the base element, and the Desktop show facility not being correctly connected.
Steps to Fix AOL Error code 130: Use a different browser. In case that doesn't work, download the AOL repair tool and install it in the system. After successfully installing the application, double-click on the tool icon and then switch to the "scan and clean" option. After the scan is complete, click on "fix-all" on the right side.

The simple reason for this error is that you are attempting to access something without permission. The website's way of saying you don't have enough permissions to proceed is to throw a 403 forbidden error. This error is primarily caused by: Permissions for a file or folder are incorrect.

Steps to Fix AOL Error code 403 - Make sure the exact match corresponds to the address you provided. Make sure the web address (or URL) is capitalized and paused correctly. Make sure that the web address (or URL) does not contain any spaces.

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