All Nippon Airways

All Nippon Airways:

Company Name –All Nippon Airways
Airline Code- NA
Asiana Club (from US)-NA
Asiana Club (from GB)-NA
Reservations (from US)-NA
EMail –NA
Get Online Help –NA
Frequent Flyer Program-NA
Airline Alliance-NA
Service Time –24/7 365
Best Time Call –NA
Calling Department – NA

Company Name –       All Nippon Airways

Phone No –                    NA

Alternate No –              NA

EMail –                            NA

Get Online Help –           NA

Address –                        NA

Service Time –                24/7 365

Best Time Call –             NA

Calling Department –  NA

All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd., otherwise called ANA (Ē-enu-ē) or Zennikkū, is the biggest aircraft in Japan by income and traveler numbers. Its headquarters are situated in the Shiodome Downtown area in the Shiodome space of Minato ward of Tokyo. It works administrations to both domestic and global destinations and had in excess of 20,000 representatives as of March 2016. ANA’s all-out traveler traffic was up year-on-year by 7.8% in May 2010, and its worldwide administrations developed by 22% to 2.07 million travelers in the initial five months of 2010.
Notwithstanding its mainline activities, ANA controls a few auxiliary traveler transporters, including its territorial aircraft, ANA Wings, Air Nippon, Air Do (a minimal expense transporter working planned assistance among Tokyo and urban areas in Hokkaido), and Allex Payload (ANA Load – the tanker division worked via Air
Japan). ANA is additionally the biggest investor in Peach, a minimal expense transporter joint endeavor with Hong Kong Company First Eastern Investment Group. In October 1999, the aircraft turned into an individual from Star Alliance. On 29 March 2013, ANA was named a 5-Star Aircraft by Skytrax. On 27 April 2018, ANA reported ANA Business Stream Co., Ltd., a joint endeavor with Sojitz to offer personal luxury plane sanction flights.


ANA’s soonest precursor was Japan Helicopter and Plane Transports Company otherwise called Nippon Helicopter and Plane, an aircraft company established on 27 December 1952.

NH (International Air Transport Association (IATA) aircraft code, NH) started helicopter administrations in February 1953. On 15 December 1953, it worked its first freight trip among Osaka and Tokyo utilizing a de Havilland Bird, JA5008. This was the main booked flight flown by a Japanese pilot in postbellum Japan. Traveler administration on a similar course started on 1 February 1954 and was moved up to a de Havilland Heron in spring. In 1955, Douglas DC-3s started flying for NH too, by which time the aircraft’s course network reached out from northern Kyūshū to Sapporo. In December 1957 Nippon Helicopter changed its name to All Nippon Airways Company.

ANA’s other predecessor was Far East Airlines. It didn’t start activities until 20 January 1954 in spite of the fact that it was established on 26 December 1952, one a day before Nippon Helicopter, when it started night freight runs among Osaka and Tokyo, likewise utilizing a de Havilland Pigeon. It embraced the DC-3 in mid-1957, so, all in all, its course network stretched out through southern Japan from Tokyo to Kagoshima.

Far East Carriers converged with the recently named All Nippon Airways in March 1958. The consolidated organizations had an all-out market capitalization of 600 million yen and the consequence of the consolidation was Japan’s biggest private carrier. The consolidated carrier got another Japanese name (Zen Nippon Kūyu; Japan Air Transport). The company logo of the bigger NH was chosen as the logo of the new consolidated aircraft and the new transporter worked a course network joined from its two archetypes.


All Nippon Airways is settled at the Shiodome Downtown area in the Shiodome region in Minato, Tokyo, Japan.
In the last part of the 1960s, ANA had its headquarters in the Hikokan Working in Shinbashi, Minato. From the 1970s through the last part of the 1990s All Nippon Airways was settled in the Kasumigaseki Working in Chiyoda, Tokyo. Prior to moving into its present headquarters, ANA had its headquarters on the grounds of Tokyo Worldwide Air terminal in Ōta, Tokyo. In 2002 ANA declared that it was taking up to 10 stories in the then under-development Shiodome Downtown area. ANA declared that it was likewise moving a few auxiliaries to the Shiodome Downtown area.
Shiodome Downtown area, which turned into ANA’s headquarters, opened in 2003.


ANA consists of a broad domestic course network that covers the aggregate of Japan, from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south. ANA’s global course network stretches out through China, Korea, the US, Mexico, Australia, India, Southeast Asia, Canada, and Western Europe. Its key global center point is Narita Worldwide Air terminal, where it shares the South Wing of Terminal 1 with its Star Alliance accomplices.

ANA’s global organization at present spotlights on business destinations; its last “resort” courses are its courses from Haneda and Narita to Honolulu; past retreat courses, for example, Narita-Guam, Kansai-Honolulu, and Nagoya-Honolulu have been dropped, in spite of the fact that ANA intends to extend resort administration in the future through its minimal expense auxiliary Peach Aeronautics.